embedded by...
Flee Immediately! (Renee Carmichael) & Sophie Rzepecky

embedded in
elusive movements and hardcoded bodies

◳ ◬ is the embedding of nerves from different artists into a context of new rhythms, movements and conversations. It questions how the rhythm of the online world makes us nervous and glitch socially. What is left of our bodies and our voices?

Could we look for a cause and effect reaction with artists rather than just scripting artists into some kind of curatorial statement?

But is a dialogue online really back and forth? When you log into a webpage... Your virtual is exchanging with your actual, aka your data with your dreams...But what does my body dream of? Limbs begin to twitch virtually...

Over time, functions on familiar interfaces such as facebook, snapchat, instagram become performative and durational, requiring our ‘lived-experience’ to feed them. These interfaces act as little stages to project moments of one’s life out upon, turning them into a currency.

Yet, we don’t dance and we don’t perform. We are useless. We see things happening and we want to speak out, but we do so within a system that is filtered; we speak only to those who understand and block those whose opinions differ—or get trolled.

IIn this seeming chaos exists a palatable rhythm, from the tapping of the keys to the swoop of a cursor on screen. Click, click, click, slide. Code writes the structure for movement of information, words, images… alongside grief, longing, lying, lust, love and despair, at once intertwined. How to embody this swirling mass of interconnection?

Can we dance limbs flailing freely scroll to the tune of our own nervous embodiment if the rhythm is to the beat of the code commanding behind?

Un-fearing (Aya Bentur & Bili Regev)Anxious to Make (Liat Berdugo & Emily Martinez)Steel & Sting (Jordana Bragg)Un System (Joana Chicau)Benny ( Catastrophes (Jane Frances Dunlop)Freedom (Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau) Scroll-o-meter (Colm O'Neill)on archiving movement (Daniel Pinheiro)Nervous Talks (Niko Princen)
. Joana Chicau .
. Liat Berdugo & Emily Martinez .
.Anxious to Make.
. Niko Princen .
.Nervous Talking.
. .
. Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.
. Daniel Pinheiro .
.on archiving movement.
. Aya Bentur & Bili Regev .
. Jane Frances Dunlop .
.Slow Catastrophes.
. Jordana Bragg .
.Steel & Sting.
. Colm O'Neill .